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CuriousCuriousCurious CuriousCuriousCurious
Studio: Buckshot
Production year: 2009
Duration 102 min.
Directed by : Kristofer Weston
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Its a weekend full of new experiences for the young, sexy and hung Hayden Stephens. During a get-a-away at a friend's house he meets his first ever, real-life adult video star. He watches his first ever man-on-man movie. And when he kisses another guy for the very first time, something just feels so right that he does a whole lot more than just kiss another guy.

The Boys of Buckshot are back at it, showing us how fun and playful sex with other guys can be. These youthful lads let it all hang out, lose their inhibitions and let their curiosity take over. Aren't you just a little CURIOUS too?

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