Compil. Cockyboys #4

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Compil. Cockyboys #4Compil. Cockyboys #4Compil. Cockyboys #4Compil. Cockyboys #4Compil. Cockyboys #4Compil. Cockyboys #4
Studio: CockyBoys
Produktionsjahr: 2013
Dauer: 100 min.
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La plus belle éjac de Jake Bass à la clé !

Opening scene: From the moment these two started into the foreplay it was obvious that they really knew what they were doing. Both Brandon and Hayden are very experienced in the ways of love and putting them together is like putting two great pianists together in a room and telling them to improvise something. These two are virtuosos of sex and in this scene they made beautiful music, beautiful LOUD music, together. The banging got so loud at one point we got some complaints from the downstairs neighbor. But no complaints from Brandon and Hayden. Rock on, fuckers!

Finale scene: Asher Hawk has been making the rounds at CockyBoys lately, and Jake Bass was definitely one guy we wanted Asher to meet from the get go. They're both about the same age, they've got some very interesting tattoos, and they're both extremely confident. With their tan skin, dark hair, and cut muscles, these two might as well be brothers...
So they really had a great dynamic with each other, and Asher had no problem letting Jake take the reigns and fucking his brains out. Few words were exchanged between the two, but there was a moment when Jake told Asher to say his name as he fucked him. It was pretty clear Asher enjoyed getting plowed as much as Jake enjoyed plowing him!

And between: Sebastien fucks Jessy, Brodie Sinclair fucks Jesse Santana and Phenix Saint fucks Stephen Forest!