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100% Gabriel Clark

96 min.
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Let us introduce you Gabriel Clark. The mega-stud Gabriel Clark. Go ahead and take a look at that perfectly sculpted body and let me know if you can find a single flaw. Yeah, we didn't think so either. But don't let his lean muscular body fool you. He's much stronger than he looks. He can take you down in less than 2,5 seconds and leave you breathless and begging for mercy - in more than just one way... If you know what we mean. Honestly speaking, guys like Gabriel are the reason we are gay. So we suggest that you clear out the next few hours because you will be watching, pausing, rewinding, and playing his 5 scenes in this movie over and over. Enjoy!


Studio: Cockyboys
Dauer: 96 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2013


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