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Prince's Fantasies

8 Szenen 146 min.
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One night, in a club, Nico meets a beautiful Tunisian who hit on him and takes him for a night of passion. When he wakes up, the strangers has disappeared and Nico discovers that he's been kidnapped along with other Europeans. Lock up in a Ryad, Nico and his new friends become the sex slaves of a mysterious Arabic Prince and his body guards.


Studio: Casbah
Dauer: 146 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2006
Regie: Mehdi Larbi

Szenen des Films

Szene 1
18 min.

Szene 2
18 min.

Szene 3
21 min.

Szene 4
16 min.

Szene 5
16 min.

Szene 6
12 min.

Szene 7
19 min.

Szene 8
22 min.


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