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Sex Oasis

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Sex OasisSex OasisSex OasisSex OasisSex OasisSex Oasis
Sex OasisSex OasisSex OasisSex OasisSex OasisSex Oasis
Studio: Cadinot
Produktionsjahr : 1987
Dauer: 100 min.
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A young tourist runs out of fuel in the Sahara Desert and sets out in search of help. At the nearest oasis, two tourists are enjoying the legendary Arabian hospitality with their guide. His hands tell them everything they need to know about his intentions as they slide under their shorts. The youngsters are experiencing the local specialities!
Back in the desert, the tourist is suffering from heat stroke. A young shepherd finds him, lying still. He takes him to his tent and lies him down on the bed, thinking how much he likes this little blond stranger. He has to fight off his two cousins to protect the young man who lies still, unaware of their lust.
Thanks to his saviour's loving care, he recovers quite quickly. A quick letter home and his brother - equally blond - arrives.
A sturdy camel merchant with ebony skin exchanges his wares for the roundest part of the brother's body. When he arrives at the oasis, he finds himself alone with the two cousins. He cunningly swaps his clothes for theirs by showing them his adorable pink bottom, ending up pinned down like a butterfly. But it's time to go home.
To thank the man who saved him, the brothers take him home with them to a warm welcome; all their friends are there in honour of the survivor! All the couples are reunited, except the young shepherd. His protégé is shagging in the cellar. Sadly, he leaves the house where his dreams fall apart.

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