Summer Days

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Trailer Scored!Scored!Scored!Scored!Scored!Scored!
Studio: Buckshot
Produktionsjahr : 2012
Dauer: 149 min.
Regie: Max Phillips
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Une maison de rêve pleine de beaux mâles qui se vident les couilles

Scored! They say that idle hands are the devil's playthings. Bored with nothing to do, sexy young Buckshot studs Drake Wild and Ryan Lynch suddenly receive a tantalizing text message from a friend saying "We're having sex...lots of sex." With mischief on their minds, they decide to go check it out. Arriving on the scene, they find exactly what their friend promised...a house full of hot, young guys have lots and lots of wild sex. Drake and Ryan realize they've SCORED big! Today, have you SCORED?

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