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Wren (Chaos)

Wren (Chaos)

Sein/ihr neuester Film

Edge 7


Wren is a super tall, super cute, bi guy. He seems mostly interested in girls, but every now and then has messed around with guys. He actually likes to bottom, so we will have to see if he is a Bi guy, or just inching his way towards being gay.

My gut tells me he is just Bi. He watched straight porn for the solo, and it sounds like he randomly seems to find a particular guy hot. He likes to take charge with women, but is more passive with a dude.

He is a super sweet guy, and I love his face. Downright adorable. I think he will only get more handsome as he gets older.

Wren does a great job showing-off or us, and definitely has what it takes to move forward. We will see him next week rolling around with Glenn, so stay-tuned!

Wren (Chaos)
Pure #2
Pure #2