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Theon (Chaos)

Theon (Chaos) Theon (Chaos)

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Pure #2


Go Greek!

Theon is a hot Greek guy with a tight little bod and a huge cock on him. He is a smart and friendly guy, who has just the right amount of confidence and amiability that allows him to be immediately likable.

He is into sporty girls, and loves to fuck them in the ass and make them eat his load. Theon has had a few drunken "goofing around" moments with dudes, so he is not too worried about messing with another guy, though he is uncertain how he will be while sober.

Stroking his dick clearly gives him a lot of pleasure, and his solo and photos both show just how fat and long that cock is on his 5'8" frame. His ass is equally as amazing, and he wasn't shy about pushing it out and up in the air for us to take a gander at.

His load is pretty amazing, and he just about hits himself in the face, thought to be fair, his cock reaches a bit beyond his belly button to start with!

Theon will be back next week for a Serviced video and my guess is he will be back to do even more in the future!

Theon (Chaos)
Theon (Chaos)