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Gavin Sevin

Gavin Sevin Gavin Sevin

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I know the name game drives you all crazy, but when models don't create their own name, they don't actually own it. So I am sure the blogs will help you do some research on his previous work and name.

He has been doing film for 3-4 years, but I think, according to his count, he has only done about 8 films in that time. He just would kind of work when he needed a burst of income.

He currently works in gay bars, so is real used to the gay community, and ~sigh~ he says it is a great place meet girls. I, like you, always wonder about these guys who put themselves in the line of fire of gay culture, but I think when they have an amazing body, a great look, they clue in real quick on where they can best use their assets.

Add on top of that an easy going attitude, friendly talk-to-me vibe, and some brains, and you got someone who can slip in with any crowd. From what I can tell, he spent his younger days partying and giving his parents sleepless nights, but he seems to have calmed down, figured out how to chill and not be in party mode all the time, and spend quality time alone at home.

In other words, he is growing up!

He initially came to me only wanting to do a solo, but he said he was down for an oral too. Which of course airs next week.

He had a great experience doing that, so I am certain he wants to do more interactive stuff in the future.

I really loved working with him. He is a charming guy with great energy, an awesome body, and my guess is he will be back for more!

Gavin Sevin
Gavin Sevin