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Dino (chaos)

Dino (chaos) Dino (chaos)

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Dino has got that whole Jersey Shore thing going for him, though he is not from the Jersey area. He says people routinely think he is on the show and will come right up and ask him if he is.

Today, he is on the ChaosMen show, exhibiting his Italian package.

And what a package! Not only is he hung, but has an amazing body that he clearly spends time on. He loves showing off to the camera too.

He identifies as straight, but the feeling I got was that he is not opposed to having his dick sucked by an experienced dude. Just not all that into returning the favor. Dino has that, "Yeah you can suck my dick while I chill here." vibe about him.

So he will be back to get his dick sucked next week. As for doing more, that is still up in the air!

Dino (chaos)